The Team Biography


Abhinandan Bhunia - - Researcher/Setup
I am a senior at Drexel University majoring in Computer Engineering. I am on the four-year one co-op concentration program, and completed my co-op at Siemens Healthcare in Malvern, PA. While at Siemens, I worked as a software-testing engineer and my duties included development of test plans for different scenarios in a proprietary software solution called Soarian Scheduling; finding and fixing software bugs and documenting them using the industry standard HP Quality Center. Currently, I am working under Dr. Dandekar for my senior design project. Under this project my responsibilities involve researching on the ORBIT Management Framework and ORBIT Measurement Library to design and implement experiments for future WiMAX deployments at various sites. The first deployment site aimed at is the Millennium Hall at 32nd and Race Street.  Overall, I keep an outgoing and ambitious perspective to life and my career interests include project management and software development.

Evan - Design/Setup
My name is Evan Dissanayake. I am an international student from SriLanka. I am a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering enrolled in the accelerated BS/MS program at Drexel University. My concentration is in Power, Controls and Computer Engineering. I have had 3 coops. Two of them were at PJM Interconnection and one was at Exelon Energy. For my first coop I was involved in assisting engineers perform outage analysis and model power substations in pjm’s Energy Management System (EMS). For my second coop I was involved in performing studies such as adhoc analysis and reactive interchange analysis to make the system more reliable and efficient. At Exelon I was involved in automating power flow studies using various programing languages. I developed a script to automate the voltage inadequacy study which interfaced PSSE (Power System Simulation for Engineers) with Python and excel.   I also have some research experience in DWSL (Drexel Wireless Systems Lab) where I built and simulated an ultra wideband impulse radio as part of the Stars program. In my free time I organize events for students in the honors college under HSAC (Honors Students Advisory Committee) and IEEE student’s chapter.

Mike - Blogger/Researcher/Setup
My name is Michael J. Peifer. I am receiving my BS in Computer Engineering this Spring. I have done three internships while at Drexel University. Some of my experiences include IT for the City of Philadelphia, Web Design for PECO's Smart Grid and server maintenance at PJM Interconnection. PJM's network is entirely based around Oracle and VHDL and I picked those programs pretty quick. I believe that work and play are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to code and have fun at the same time. After having been primarily focused on coding C# for a number of years, I have decided that it would be in my best interest to try out ECE-P: 490 to fill my tech elective requirement. I believe that my engineering skills and entrepreneurial spirit will make a significant impact to this group. I’ve had opportunities I don’t think I would have had anywhere else and I am very excited to be part of a great group filled with colleagues from all different backgrounds.

Deepesh Rana - - Design/Setup
Hi. I am Deepesh. I am a BS/MS student majoring in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Power. My interest in Math and Physics made me choose electrical as my area of study.  Within electrical, I chose Power as my concentration because of my strong future interest in the field of renewable energy. Renewables are slowly trending in to be the more viable and feasible option and it is only a matter of time before it becomes inevitable for all countries to switch their power generation methods to more sustainable means. I have had two co-op experiences, both at PECO. For my first co-op, I dealt with improving the reliability of PECO’s underground distribution lines and also performed network flow modeling for some of PECO’s biggest Center City electrical networks. For my second co-op, I dealt with a lot of renewable energy installations on the customers’ homes and performed power simulations to help prepare PECO for specific kinds of adversities on specific circuit locations throughout Philadelphia and the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Nicholas Ross - - Blogger/Design
Hello! My name is Nick. I am a pre-junior in the EE BS/MS program concentrating in systems and controls. I have had two co-op experiences, one at PECO in the Smart Grid/Smart Meter department, the other at Drexel University College of Medicine (DUCOM) in the Neurology department. I plan on doing my master's thesis with the Neurology team at DUCOM. I am interested in automation and the use of in professional industries. I have my own business ROSS Automation LLC. My company creates automated systems using LabVIEW programming software. I taught myself LabVIEW since 2008. I enrolled at Drexel to further my knowledge of systems in the real world. With my company, I hope to create jobs in the future.

Jianbo (James) Zhao - - Researcher
My name is Jianbo Zhao. I am an international student from China. I am currently a pre-junior BS/MS student enrolled in Computer Engineering major at ECE Department of Drexel University. I have experience of network integrator and VHDL computer architecture. So that I am concentrating on classical networks and routers. With math experience, I am interested in network traffic probabilities and etc. Besides, I have experience of varies of programming language, such as Java, C++, Python and etc. I had one coop experience last year in Advanced Workstation in Education, Inc as a software developer. My work was focusing on interface design with Photoshop CSS and I was involved into library enrichment with Virtual Basic. I guided Quality Assurance team and gave instructions for their software testing. This term, I join the DWSL (Drexel Wireless Systems Lab) and I am running the gnuradio simulation with USRP software. And plan to design and demonstrate newest version of gnuradio.